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 Are you looking for someone to assist you in putting together information on your ancestry or family tree? Are you wanting to know what illness, accident or natural cause your ancestors may have died from or where they are buried? Would you like to know which of our major historical events happened during their lifetime and how it affected them.

 I can help with your search. I am a researcher with interests in Genealogy, Cemeteries, and Old Medical information. I have been doing family history research for over 20 years for my own family and for the last 8 years for families not related to myself. 


Research and Genealogy Assistance

Retainer: $200.00

This fee includes the beginning interview and the time it takes to begin your family tree search. This fee will include a simple Pedigree Chart and Family Group Sheets with up to 4 generations. This also includes 5 hours of searching for your ancestors. For additional information there will be an hourly rate of $15.00 per hour charged to the client. 

Additional fees include but are not limited to:

  • Costs of copies of records, certificates, and other documents. *
  • Fees paid to other researchers to search records in distant cities. **
  • Field travel (meals, lodging if required to travel out of the area). **
  • Field travel by car, mileage will be charged at $.56 per mile.
  • Admission fees paid to courthouses, repositories, and other record facilities. *
  • Administrative costs for items such as postage, supplies, and secretarial services.
  • Additional fees such as a continuation fee or hourly rate as determined by the agreement.
  • Formal Pedigree charts for display are available. **

* Receipt’s will be made available for all services that require one i.e., Certificates, court fees etc..

** No additional fees will be charged without prior approval and agreement between the client and Researcher.

*** A Signed contract between the researcher and client will be required before work on your family history will begin.


If you are interested in these services please contact me for availability using the "Contact Me" page and we can discuss your needs in detail.